Travelling To Another Galaxy – or, My Week In Music

January 22, 2010

This week can be summed up in three bands and they all link together nicely.

Firstly is a band from London called Lonely Galaxy. They’ve been on my radar for a few weeks to be honest. The lead track on their MySpace ‘Have A Heart’ is an epic thing of beauty. I implore you to take a moment to give it a listen. It’s funny how you can usually tell if a band will be alright by their MySpace. Lonely Galaxy keep things simple and don’t give too much away. Nice work.

I kept getting Lonely Galaxy mixed up with another band though this week. The band being Young Galaxy. I’m sure I have blogged about these before. But their song ‘Swing Your Heartache’ is a lovely thing – glad it came back to me this week certainly. (As a brief aside – one band I know I blogged about a while back was Avi Buffalo (November 08 in fact) – they have been signed by Sub Pop so mad props and high fives to them)

Finally I was reading Seperated by Motorways blog this week (a must read which I hope you know already). They mentioned a new band called Yuck who are well worth checking out. They even have Lonely Galaxy in their top friends on MySpace. Holy fucking shit eh. Anyway, Yuck may or may not have links to another more established band who have a spice in their name. (Actually I don’t know if Cajun is a spice or not…) Anyway two tracks up on their MySpace. Georgia which is a bit of a Pains Of Being Pure At Heart thing. But the best is Automatic, which is simply wonderful stuff.

Yuck – Automatic

Thanks for your patience


PS: If ALE woz a real blog we’d have mentioned:

New track from Gorrilaz and the Grizzly Bear Hot Chip cover.

Grizzly Bear – Boy From School


One Response to “Travelling To Another Galaxy – or, My Week In Music”

  1. David said

    Cheers for giving me ‘must read’ status haha, really looking forward to what Yuck and Lonely Galaxy do over the year!

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