Audio Antihero – or, An Easy Way To Spend Just Under £17

February 4, 2010

A friend asked me to buy him some tickets recently.

“Just buy them and I’ll PayPal you the money” he said.

“OK, cool” I replied.

I rarely have anything in my PayPal account and this is because as soon as it’s sitting there I forget that I’m meant to be saving some money for an impending holiday and that instead, I should blow it all in twenty short sweet minutes. So last week (or the week before) I spent some money on CDs and they have arrived and taken over my stereo.

Firstly I was thinking that I really do need to buy that Nosferatu D2 CD that I’ve seen mentioned online. A long time ago, James and I (plus our friend Dan) put Los Campesinos! on at the Star and Garter. I remember Gareth from the band telling me that I should check out Nosferatu D2. I hammered their MySpace for weeks. Then they split up without releasing anything.  As soon as the obsession came it faded but then word came at the end of last year that a big fan of the band was releasing their album “We’re Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise”. You should visit the Audio Antihero store now to check it out. There are many great things about this album but firstly the lyrics, oh my the lyrics. They are lyrics that sum up the dissatisfaction of living in London, trying to make a success out of life, relationships, passions and often failing. They are honest, heartfelt and sometimes funny. The vocals are often off key but always impassioned. You know Ben Parker means every word of every sentence, as he yelps and bashes away on his guitar. Secondly Adam Parker’s drumming is phenomenal. The man is a MACHINE.

I got talking to Jamie who runs Audio Anti Hero via some emails and he seemed like a lovely man, so fueled with a PayPal busting with over £10 I bought Nosferatu D2 and also an en EP by Benjamin Shaw. The EP is a beautiful lo-fi thing indeed. Cracked hushed vocals telling stories of love and loss, you could say it’s been done before but when done with such honesty and heart you cannot really go wrong.  Audio Antihero have released 2 CDs, both brilliant.

Finally I thought – why don’t I own the Sparky Deathcap EP yet? It’s packaged beautifully and he has always been awesome live. So I bought it. It only arrived yesterday so I’m not really ready to pass comment. But from a couple of listens I think I’m going to love it. Again a man taking the time to write good lyrics.

JCWilko should be with you one day soon. (His FA Cup run being over)


PM Jones

If ALE were a real smart/hot/cool/sexy blog we would have mentioned:

The incredibly good Primavera line up.

Wu-Lyf from Manchester town. I missed their gig on Saturday. Oops.

Phoenix winning a Grammy. BOYS!


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