Tomas Greenhalf and Ryan Owen are clearly gentlemen who are going to go far. Their band, Man Without Country, have already been played by Lauren Laverne on 6 Music and various industry folk are circling. It’s easy to see why just from the one tune on their MySpace that I have been playing over and over for a few weeks now. ‘Closet Addicts Anonymous’ is a little Delphic, a little James Yuill, a little Maps and whole bundle of freaking awesome. Head over to their MySpace now and give it a listen.

A bunch of other things:
New Hold Steady – OMFG
Belle and Sebastian ATP
New National tune being amazing and amazing and amazing.
Ricky Martin is a homo.


Friday Fix

March 26, 2010

So good people here’s a couple of tunes for a Friday afternoon that for some reason or another I think you should like.

First up is a remix of one of my favourite Jens Lekman songs. Sipping on The Sweet Nectar is the tune in question and as I hope you already know the original. I first heard the Bodgan Iruk’s Love Nectar mix when the lovely chaps from the Megaphonic Thrift DJd at The Answering Machine’s album launch in London town last year. Anyway I think it’s pretty perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Download it here.

Next is a remix of the amazing Lonely Galaxy tune I blogged about back in January. ‘Have A Heart’ is easily one of my favourite discoveries of the year. The exceptional Transparent label is giving Lonely Galaxy a release soon so you can get some tunes on a lovely slab of vinyl. Anyway here’s a remix by Active Child that is worth a listen.

Download link is here yeah.

Finally as I’m having a weekend at home in Leicester. Here’s a tune by The Wave Pictures called Friday Night In Loughborough. (Download). Obviously Loughborough is near Leicester where I will be spending my Friday night. It’s from the amazing Instant Coffee Baby album which if you don’t own I pity you massively. Buy it!

Erase Erase Betamax.

March 24, 2010

This is like the Chart Show that used to be on ITV but shorter and not sponsored by Twix.

Evil by Beads is below – Ace tune coming out as a single in May I do believe.

Next up is the latest from Three Trapped Tigers – I love these guys.

Oh and this amazing tune by Keepaway finally got a video but I can’t seem to embed the bastard on WordPress……so follow this link here to watch it on their label’s website. (Trust me it’s worth it)


March 24, 2010

And just like that….it’s gone.

Yesterday saw the airwaves of the mighty WOXY internet radio station fall silent. A simple message left on the website stated that due to financial difficulties the station could no longer afford to broadcast. It was good to see that an army of music fans voiced their dissatisfaction immediately. Band’s who were grateful for WOXY’s supportĀ like The Antlers, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Frightened Rabbit all expressed their shock at the turn of events as did many more on the WOXY message boards.

So what was it about this radio station that made people care so much and why is it a massive loss to music fans all over the world? Put simply, WOXY was the best radio station in the world to hear new and upcoming music. The DJs, Mike, Shiv and Joe, had no playlist to adhere too and no over bearing sponsors to satisfy. Put in perspective against BBC 6Music (which we also need to save), their day time DJs get one ‘free play’ an hour. The rest of the time they have to stick to the playlist. At WOXY we were at the mercy of the DJs and their moods. This could have been disastrous but fortunately we had three music fans steering us through some brand new band followed by a classic followed by an incredible session. I always had WOXY on and always found something new to love. It’s fair to say that no where else has ever come since in terms of promoting new bands so consistently and at such length.

My own personal relationship with WOXY started nearly 2 1/2 years ago. I was at the Camden Crawl and got to spend some time with Mike Taylor (station director of WOXY). I was just talking about music and he asked me what I had really loved recently. I told him that the Twilight Sad had been permanently on my stereo for months. He replied that they were his band of the year. I knew instantly that this was a serious music fan who spent hours finding and checking out new things. I was a little tipsy now and insisted he come see a band from Leeds with me. I had been going nuts for Sky Larkin for a while before and he instantly understood the band and it wasn’t long before their early singles were being played on WOXY. I loved the simplicity of it. DJ hears of new band, listens to said band, enjoys it, plays it. There was never any “show me the big picture” or “where does this fit into the current scene” that happens at most stations (and I include 6 Music in this).

Music is brilliant and music should never be hard work. WOXY made it easy to hear brilliant new music every day of the week and should this be the end, we will all be worse off without them.

I’ve uploaded a couple of my favourite WOXY sessions to download here:
1. The Antlers
2. Pomegranates.
(If the links are dead just let me know)

Yours in hope


Erase/Erase links you to some free downloads:
1. Primary 1
2. James Yuill
Both great. PROMISE.

Erase Erase!

March 24, 2010

So I used to write a blog called A Little Electricity (the last few posts are below in fact). This was written with my best friend James. However, young James has far too much on to write regularly so we decided to end it all. I still have the itch so welcome into Erase Erase. If anyone was kind enough to have ALE on your blog roll, please feel free to add this place.

Thanks a bunch.

Sure a ton of people are out at SXSW right now and having an amazing time. Check this for a night in Manchester though:

1. No Distance Left To Run on the BBC iPlayer
2. Barcelona V Stuttgart on the TV (On mute) – Leo Messi is a magnificent man.
3. Cup Of Tea and a Double Decker
4. Now NDLTR has finished, I have WOXY on with a Megaphonic Thrift session. Lovely chaps/ace band.

And now a couple of bands I have properly fallen in love with over the last month or so and a gig or two what I’ve seen.

Firstly you simply must check out Cloud Nothings. Based around the songs of Dylan Baldi, so far the band has only released one EP on Bridgetown Records but I really think/hope that things are gonna go pretty big for Dylan very soon. The EP called Turning On has not been far away from my ears for a good while now and with tunes like Hey Cool Kid and Whaddya Wanna Know you can see why. Give it a listen.

Secondly I probbaly should tell you that Kisses are fucking magnificent. There’s only one tune on their MySpace right now called Bermuda – as I emailed my friend a month or so ago “It’s very Jens but very good” (Jens being Jens Lekman for the slow kids at the back). His response was “It’s the sound of summer” – really blogging does not get more insightful than this. The always really cool Transparent label are giving Bermuda a single release soon and there’s an album doing the rounds if you know where to look online. (I just get James to find stuff like that for me so I can spend more time touching myself on Chatroulette)

Oh Oh Oh I also went to see the latest Manchester buzz band (TM) Wu-Lyf last month too. All it took was the whole music industry to cream themselves and descend on Manchester to get me to take notice. It was good…not great. I like the way they are doing things with cryptic websites and low key shows but right now the songs aren’t as big as their ambitions. They have a great sound though and they’ll probably be world beaters soon enough.

I also went to see Japandroids which was beyond awesome by the way. They were t-shirt good which is the highest honour I can bestow on a band.

Cheers you.

Pedro. x

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