Friday Fix

March 26, 2010

So good people here’s a couple of tunes for a Friday afternoon that for some reason or another I think you should like.

First up is a remix of one of my favourite Jens Lekman songs. Sipping on The Sweet Nectar is the tune in question and as I hope you already know the original. I first heard the Bodgan Iruk’s Love Nectar mix when the lovely chaps from the Megaphonic Thrift DJd at The Answering Machine’s album launch in London town last year. Anyway I think it’s pretty perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Download it here.

Next is a remix of the amazing Lonely Galaxy tune I blogged about back in January. ‘Have A Heart’ is easily one of my favourite discoveries of the year. The exceptional Transparent label is giving Lonely Galaxy a release soon so you can get some tunes on a lovely slab of vinyl. Anyway here’s a remix by Active Child that is worth a listen.

Download link is here yeah.

Finally as I’m having a weekend at home in Leicester. Here’s a tune by The Wave Pictures called Friday Night In Loughborough. (Download). Obviously Loughborough is near Leicester where I will be spending my Friday night. It’s from the amazing Instant Coffee Baby album which if you don’t own I pity you massively. Buy it!


One Response to “Friday Fix”

  1. Best Leicester band right now – Minnaars

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