Jumping in Backwards

April 7, 2010

It was during the Friends Of Manchester festival that a mate of mine came up to me and gushed about a band he had just watched by accident. The band were called Paper Boats he thought and initial searches brought back few results. I tried again recently and finally found the band in question and my friend was totally spot on….they sound very promising indeed. Undoubtedly Paper Boats best track on their MySpace in Jumping in Backwards. Starting off quietly like Lonely Galaxy, before growing into an Elbow esq love lorne ballad. The ‘my sweet love’ line is so simple yet sounds perfect as the sound grows into the beautiful end section of the song. It’s clearly early days for Paper Boats but with their’s clear signs that they could develop into something wonderful. Plenty of Manchester/Leeds gigs coming up in April/May too so hit up their MySpace and go see them live.

The chaps in the band have been kind enough to let me host the track here so give it a download from this link.

In other news:
New NME design!
Andrew WK going NUTS (aged 17)
The totes awesome Said The Gramophone have compiled lots of Wu-Lyf tunes/info here.
Stream the Male Bonding LP here – they slept on my floor once. NAME DROP.
Brilliant new interview with The National.
Lenny Henry and Dawn French to divorce.


One Response to “Jumping in Backwards”

  1. Shanna Bhambra said

    Ahhh I watched these with Dan and we were just gobsmacked at how beautiful they were. I’ve been really lazy though and just kept forgetting to look them up. Thank you for doing the hard work for me! Hope they come back to Manchester soon as I fell a bit in love quite frankly.

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