Proposals Wanted!!

April 11, 2010

This popped into my Facebook Inbox last week….interesting.

Night and Day are looking for EXCITING NEW PROMOTERS of CLUB NIGHTS and GIGS for brand new events at the venue.

We want driven promoters new, existing or old for monthly/fortnightly events from MAY onwards

Please get in touch with your proposals to *email address* or alternatively come in to the venue and see us.

Get Involved!!


A few years back a bunch of people wanted to close the Night and Day Cafe venue in Manchester. They didn’t realise that moving into a busy city centre would actually be a bit noisy. Anyway, people spoke out and helped save the venue. I get the feeling that if the same thing happened now, people wouldn’t be so bothered. You see, Manchester’s music venues moved on. Night and Day didn’t. Content now to run covert pay to play gigs and book band’s based on the fact bigger acts used to play there every night.

Here’s a list of proposals for the Night and Day:

1. A new sound system is essential really to revitalise the place.

2. No beer on tap? Srsly? Turn that big downstairs ‘dressing room’ into a basement with pumps in and get rid of the overpriced cans upstairs

3. Ok Ok, it will cost a lot to put in the taps for beer – at least don’t try and charge £3.50 for a can of Red Stripe. Or if you do have to charge us a little extra, let the barmaids see some of that money so they smile a little.

4. Oh yeah you put in air conditioning after everyone moaned? Why not, you know, turn it on every now and then?

5.  Build a time machine back to the late 90s when you were top dog and invest the money you made then into the venue.

A petty and pointless post I admit but when The Ruby Lounge and The Deaf Institute are so far ahead, it seems odd that the Night and Day think a couple of new nights will save it.

N.B In the interest of fairness. The Night and Day do the best breakfasts in the Northern Quarter that this reporter has sampled.


One Response to “Proposals Wanted!!”

  1. Driveshaft said

    Nailed it

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