Lived In Skin/Million Miles

April 16, 2010

This post has been a bit delayed largely down to me being ill in bed for two days. I passed the time by watching the following on YouTube (all highly recommended) GOALS! CLASSIC WWF! SIMPSONS CLIPS! HURTS VIDEOS!

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Those who regularly go to gigs in Manchester should already by aware of Young British Artists. The local four piece have been playing their brand of intense hook addled tunes around town for a year or so now. However, recently they seem to have honed their sound and get loads more confident in what they do. Firstly the live show has seen a lead man Leo now actually singing through a microphone rather than a bastardised megaphone . It’s a wise move because these are clearly a band with something you want to hear rather than totally lost in a sea of fuzz and feedback. I caught them at the High Voltage all dayer recently and they were superb. The new tune they played last sounds like one of their best yet. Definitely excited to see them again soon.

Secondly the good and great guys at Red Deer Club are releasing a new single and both sides of this limited vinyl are total winners. Lived In Skin is one my favourites from the live set and Tom Knott has helped guide the band into their best recordings yet. There is a fresh clarity to the band’s Longcut/Twin Tigers esque urgent abrasive songs whilst retaining everything that is interesting and good about them. B-side Million Miles is another memorable moment from the band’s live set and Red Deer Club have let me offer it up as a download. (I told you they were good and great). So head to my dropbox and give it a download. The wise thing now would be to buy the super limited vinyl from here. If it’s as beautifully packaged as the band’s debut release it’s well worth owning.

In other news:
Thom Yorke covers Love Will Tear Us Apart
School kids cover Phoenix (this is freakin awesome)
New LCD Soundsystem album is streaming here and is pretty pretty pretty good.
Andrew WK’s teenage obsession saga continues.
New video from Airship to go with their new ace single.


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