But I Have To Admit, Things Got Weird For A Bit

April 20, 2010

The best sorts of albums are the ones you really don’t expect and suddenly they have taken over your iPod/Stereo/Life. Nobody tips them before the start of the year, nobody really notices the release of the thing but after a few kind words here and there you give the album a listen and it’s amazing. It’s special because you have found it and you love it even more. Alligator by The National is a good example of this sort of album. This also happened to me with the Bon Iver debut after Jagjaguwar released it.  Well the guys at Jagjaguwar have done it again with The Besnard Lakes and their album ‘…Are The Roaring Night’

It’s fair to say I took to the album as soon as I hit play. Husband-wife duo Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek who are the central driving force of the band have managed to make something that is completely original yet at various points hints at a ton of amazing bands. Broken Social Scene/Bon Iver/Grandaddy on ‘Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent’, then there’s the Joy Zipper/Slowdive sounding ‘Albatross’. Not that all reference points are current, Love and ELO clearly also feature in the mix. How they have managed to do it without it turning into a steaming pile of turd is beyond me. There’s an honesty and a heart to these songs that make it undeniably the best thing I have heard this year.

Now listen to Albatross from the album here. It’s awesome.

Want more? Each Note Secure have got the band’s WOXY (RIP) session up for download here and the band played live on Jimmy Fallon’s show here. Both well worth your time.

I usually put some links here to other stuff..er..wait:
Click here to listen to the new Hold Steady and the new Broken Social Scene albums. OMG.
The New York Times are streaming the new album from The National on Friday.
The new HEALTH video is nuts but y’know good nuts.


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