Oh man, the standard of this post is going to suffer because I spent most of my time thinking of the above puns. Basically, in a moment, I am going to quickly introduce two bands from Manchester, both with ‘shoe’ based names. It’s this sort of linking that hopefully will get me a job on hospital radio one of these days. I admit these should have been mentioned earlier, but there was a World Cup on guys. C’mon.

Before all that, let’s have a couple of football links.
1. Best penalty ever
2. Best celebration ever.

Brown Brogues are two chaps from Wigan who prefer to say they are from Manchester. (That’s fair enough really). I have been meaning to check them out for a while and was lucky enough to do so recently. Unfortunately by the time they came on at midnight I was pretty drunk but I usually make my best band assessments half cut, and drunken me is declaring Brown Brogues one of the most exciting bands in Manchester at the moment. For a two piece, they pack a hell of a punch. Drummer Ben is probably up there with mighty Nestor from Sky Larkin in terms of hitting a drum so hard. Whilst lead singer Mark howls his way through the set, smashing his guitar around. They look and sound like a band it’s hard to resist.They already have heaps of songs so hit up the MySpace to check a few out. My current favourites are “You’re Not Mine” or “I Just Don’t Know” .

You can buy a tape of 9 recordings from the brand new and probably soon to be super hip label Suffering Jukebox. SJ is also home to the mega awesome Former Bullies and Mazes. (Obviously I’m waiting for the tracks to be released on Minidisc) Read an interview with the band at the Pigeon Post blog here. Finally in this little paragraph of Manc-music circle wankery – Brown Brogues are playing for the legendary Red Deer Club on 20th August – you will have to travel to Fuel in Withington but it’s free in so….They also have a gig lined up on August 12th at the Deaf Institute for Manchester Screenwipe AKA the coolest men in town. (Aside: I haven’t actually met the people from Screenwipe, however if they want to use the ‘coolest men in town’ quote for their website they are more than welcome)

The second band for today are called Slow Motion Shoes and to be perfectly honest, they probably shouldnt be in the same blog entry as Brown Brogues but fuck it. Their tune Brendan Fraser has been running round my head for a month or so now and is a beaut of a pop song. For a band that have apparently only been around for a couple of months there is already a fair amount of buzz about them building up. Then again, when you are two for two in terms of songs released to the world, people will always be excited I guess. Apparently the chaps over at Everybody’s Stalking will be releasing a tune by the band on a mixtape in July. Chris and Guy are lovely men so I can almost forgive them releasing a tape.

Download Brendan Fraser right here.


Four things it was impossiable to avoid on the Internet last week.
1.Endless Summmer by Still Corners was everywhere. Rightly so. The song could last 4 times as long and it would still not get boring.
2. The Count and Sinden feat Mystery Jets video.
3. New tune from Tennis called Baltimore
4. New Wu-Lyf tune. – Think this is my favourite of their’s so far.


This is easily one of the best things I have stumbled across in a while.  Like all good new bands Guards give away a grand total of zero information about themselves. It’s pretty frustrating but also a relief they aren’t going down the hipster bullshit route of releasing a cassette tape. Wake me up when the Mini Disc revival begins.

Whilst there is no MySpace, no bio, no photos etc, we do get a brilliant 7 track EP which you can download for free from the band’s Bandcamp right this second. I’ve had it on my iPod for over a week now and I keep finding something new to love about it.  First it was the massive chorus of Resolution Of One quickly followed by the Avi Bufflao/Shins infused tune ‘Don’t Wake The Dead’. The EP also scores big indie scene points for featuring Caroline Polachek (Chairlift/Washed Out) on ‘Trophy Queen’. The ubber hip Cults also feature on the nice dirgey tune Sail It Slow.  For some balance my girlfriend said that Sail It Slow was one of the worst thing she has heard in a while. (Though I think I Blame Coco have now stolen that crown. Robyn what are you doing?!) Anyway this paragraph is big enough for me to hit the ‘publish’ button and get back to my Oats So Simple. Plus the Money Saving Expert Newsletter has just hit my Inbox. Head over to the Guards Bandcamp and get the EP (plus all the artwork is lovely so nab that too yeh?)

Much obliged

(Feat. PM Jones)

Oh man, so many links so little time – there’s heaps of ace stuff below:

I’m never going to get round to writing about Cymbals. I can feel it in my bones. Instead, treat yourself to two tracks to download from here. – Both pretty fucking good (feat. a Pavement cover).

New Ra Ra Riot tune was released last night – a few listens in and I like it very much.

The mighty Jon Hillcock has released a new radio show here. Man’s a legend.

Mazes to release new MixTape featuring an ace Beach Boys cover. – More info and said cover can be read/heard here.

D/R/U/G/S have remixed Porcelain Raft here.

Just quickly a few things I should have said yesterday:

1 Van Bronckhorst long range goal in the World Cup was purposely left out from my favourite goals. It was quite good but it really didn’t getting me on my feet. I know it was from miles away and I know it probably should be there but honestly, I can’t find it in myself to really love it.  It’s a lot like The xx album – it seems to tick all the right boxes but still leaves me cold.

2. I am pleased Paulo Sousa is Leicester’s manager but ultimately know it will end in disaster. He is buff though.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY!  – I missed off this amazing tune by Aeroplane which is all sorts of awesome. Hit this link and you can stream it. I listen to this song about once a day at the moment. (Obviously in between all my wet your bed indie – Hi Connor Oberst, love your work. xx)

4. Best Coast album is available to stream all over the internet including right here. It’s fucking brilliant.

5. Please note there will be no Mercury Music Prize post coming from Erase Erase.  If Wild Beast’s win I will be pleased. I don’t want to get on the “OMG MUMFORD WTF!?1” bandwagon or indeed pretend to be into the token Jazz act.

PMJ and Sons. x

Planned Maintenance

July 19, 2010

I’m not sure what was more inevitable. Robbie’s return to Take That or my return to writing poorly thought through pieces on bands I like. Anyway, I should probably offer up some sort of explanation on my absence. The last couple of months have been full of a) job hunting b) soul searching c) world cup watching. All three took up a lot of my time and I rather neglected this corner of the internet. To the three readers of this blog I sincerely and humbly apologies. But to make up for it, here’s a bunch of ace stuff I have been bumming the last few months. Plus I have a couple of amazing posts coming up this week.  Also maybe one day I can join a mega blog like Altered Zones and become really fucking relevant! (Love your work guys!)

Firstly football – here’s my five favourite goals of the World Cup.

5) Okazaki – Japan V Denmark – Oh Honda – come play in the Premiership.

4) Klose – Germany V Argentina – the video kindly misses all the excellent build up play. (Love your work guys!)

3) Tevez – Argentina V Mexico – Wammo.

2) Villa – Spain V Honduras – I was eating some excellent Paella when this went in.

1) Quagliarella – Italy V Slovakia – A chip is the finest way to score a goal.

Before we move on to MUSIC. Let’s stop for a moment and post a picture of the new manager of Leicester City Football Club. Hi Paulo, u r hawt.

Now for a bunch of songs you can download that I have been enjoying very much recently. I think they have all been offered up for free on some blog or another. It’s all pretty obvious but all pretty good. I feel very guilty for putting these up without kind words, however I’m just trying to catch up with all the songs fizzing round my head. All bands are well worth you taking five minutes to find out more about them. Google is your friend.

Tennis – Marathon

CULTS – Oh My God

Dominant Legs – Clawing Up The Walls

D/R/U/G/S – Love (Love/Lust)

Harlem – France

Japandroids – Younger Us

Shine 2009 – New Rules

Sky Larkin – Matador (Acoustic)

Best Coast – When I’m With You

First Rate People – Orion

Minks – Funeral Song

And if you want more stuff to stream then go listen to the new Sir Yes Sir and Sky Larkin albums here and here – when the next pay cheque rolls in I will be buying both of these.

Finally it would be wrong to not mention Witch House – I mainly started listening to it because I thought it had a funny name but it really is worth doing some digging. For a good introduction I recommend clicking this link to the ace Don’t Make Lists blog and downloading the free mixtape. It features a couple of my favourite Witch House artists – TEARIST and Balam Acab.

Now we are cool again, I will hopefully post some more. Have fun listening.