Some Amendments To Yesterday’s Update.

July 20, 2010

Just quickly a few things I should have said yesterday:

1 Van Bronckhorst long range goal in the World Cup was purposely left out from my favourite goals. It was quite good but it really didn’t getting me on my feet. I know it was from miles away and I know it probably should be there but honestly, I can’t find it in myself to really love it.  It’s a lot like The xx album – it seems to tick all the right boxes but still leaves me cold.

2. I am pleased Paulo Sousa is Leicester’s manager but ultimately know it will end in disaster. He is buff though.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY!  – I missed off this amazing tune by Aeroplane which is all sorts of awesome. Hit this link and you can stream it. I listen to this song about once a day at the moment. (Obviously in between all my wet your bed indie – Hi Connor Oberst, love your work. xx)

4. Best Coast album is available to stream all over the internet including right here. It’s fucking brilliant.

5. Please note there will be no Mercury Music Prize post coming from Erase Erase.  If Wild Beast’s win I will be pleased. I don’t want to get on the “OMG MUMFORD WTF!?1” bandwagon or indeed pretend to be into the token Jazz act.

PMJ and Sons. x


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