Swimming In A Sea Of Catastrophe

July 21, 2010

This is easily one of the best things I have stumbled across in a while.  Like all good new bands Guards give away a grand total of zero information about themselves. It’s pretty frustrating but also a relief they aren’t going down the hipster bullshit route of releasing a cassette tape. Wake me up when the Mini Disc revival begins.

Whilst there is no MySpace, no bio, no photos etc, we do get a brilliant 7 track EP which you can download for free from the band’s Bandcamp right this second. I’ve had it on my iPod for over a week now and I keep finding something new to love about it.  First it was the massive chorus of Resolution Of One quickly followed by the Avi Bufflao/Shins infused tune ‘Don’t Wake The Dead’. The EP also scores big indie scene points for featuring Caroline Polachek (Chairlift/Washed Out) on ‘Trophy Queen’. The ubber hip Cults also feature on the nice dirgey tune Sail It Slow.  For some balance my girlfriend said that Sail It Slow was one of the worst thing she has heard in a while. (Though I think I Blame Coco have now stolen that crown. Robyn what are you doing?!) Anyway this paragraph is big enough for me to hit the ‘publish’ button and get back to my Oats So Simple. Plus the Money Saving Expert Newsletter has just hit my Inbox. Head over to the Guards Bandcamp and get the EP (plus all the artwork is lovely so nab that too yeh?)

Much obliged

(Feat. PM Jones)

Oh man, so many links so little time – there’s heaps of ace stuff below:

I’m never going to get round to writing about Cymbals. I can feel it in my bones. Instead, treat yourself to two tracks to download from here. – Both pretty fucking good (feat. a Pavement cover).

New Ra Ra Riot tune was released last night – a few listens in and I like it very much.

The mighty Jon Hillcock has released a new radio show here. Man’s a legend.

Mazes to release new MixTape featuring an ace Beach Boys cover. – More info and said cover can be read/heard here.

D/R/U/G/S have remixed Porcelain Raft here.


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